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FBG's League Synch not working with MFL (1 Viewer)

J Giles Band

Hasn't worked since this past Wednesday. Possibly prior to that, but it was working fine as recently as last weekend. Keeps giving a 'synch error' and says 'can't get a valid response from MyFantasyLeague.'

Was thankful to see another thread on this but Joe had closed it already. I've submitted a help request, but wanted to post here to let others know they are not alone if having the synch issue with MFL.
UPDATE - got a quick reply from Matt Carey with tech support this AM.

Had to delete our league from the League Dominator. Not gonna lie, I've read guys having issues getting their league added back after doing so in the preseason... so I was reluctant to have to do this. But I followed Matt's instruction. Deleted our league and then added it back. Problem solved.

Thanks to Matt.

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