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Top 24 Rookies 2017 (1 Viewer)

Updated ownership stakes after 6 drafts. Only have one left. I have the 1.06 pick there and may reach for a RB because of need.

Drafts have been very uniform this year for the most part though:

Premium Pick: Mixon

Late 1st Round: JuJu

2nd Round: Mahomes

3rd-4th Round: Everett, Darboh

Lottery Ticket: Mays

I'm getting these guys in basically every league.

A couple updated thoughts after more reflection:

- Think I might bump Hunt ahead of Foreman and Foreman ahead of Perine. Perine has noticeably less burst and was drafted a round lower because of it.

- Think I might bump up Gerald Everett higher in the 2nd tier. High pick from a small school. Athletic parts that are similar to Eric Ebron. He's not as good, but his RAC ability stands out and he could legitimately be the best receiving weapon on the Rams this season (says more about the Rams than him though).

Too early to judge this list after one year, but so far...

Biggest Hit: Prioritizing JuJu in the mid-late 1st. He absolutely repaid my faith.

Biggest Misses: Being too dismissive of Hunt, Kamara, and Kupp. Kupp just isn't my "cup" of tea and I understand why I was semi down on Kamara and Hunt, but those guys all popped in a big way.

That being said, you only get one pick per round in rookie drafts by default and as long as your guy pans out, you probably aren't too bothered about what happens with the players you passed on. The fact that my guy JuJu hit big makes it a lot easier to stomach missing out on Kamara/Hunt/etc, though you can always learn from your mistakes either way.

It's early days, but the 2017 draft looks strong to the point where a lot of people probably still feel good about their picks. If you took Mixon, McCaffrey, Fournette, Cook, JuJu, Kamara, Hunt, Howard, or Engram anywhere then you probably still feel pretty good about it right now, regardless of who you passed on. Davis and Williams have fallen behind a bit. Foreman, Ross, and Perine have certainly seen their values drop. A LOT of rookies flashed last year though. Probably more than usual. It looks like an abnormally good class.

I still think Mixon is going to be a star if he keeps his head screwed on, btw. I just went back and watched his rookie highlights and even though the numbers weren't there, he's a special talent.

2018 list will be posted within the next few weeks if I have the time/energy to put it together.

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D'Onta Foreman just went at 1.05 in one of my drafts.  :shock:
I was very unimpressed with Lamar Miller last year. He was better before. He thought too much, he tried too hard to make a simple four yard run into an 80 yard run and would get slammed for it. More often than not, I thought Miller played like the rookie.

As I understand it, Foreman is going to be just getting healthy and somewhat questionable for camp with days missed and rest allowed. 

When the Texans played him in a normal role, he looked good- fine, solid. Like I'd like to see what he can do with 18 carries. He's no speed demon but he's gonna move piles and needs the #s. There were several times their OL was oWned and Lamar Miller was caught behind the LOS. Putting Foreman in wasn't the solution, maybe replacing the entire OL or thinking up a different play was. He also got some odd carries on 3rd and 8. I didn't blame him for a game or two where he was like 5 carries for 8 yards. 

If he was healthy (he's not) I could see him beating out Lamar. If he's not going to run to the hole hard n fast, he might as well retire. 

Jordan Leggette is missing from this list. Talent in college, opportunity as a starter and even potential to be a rookie QBs safety blanket

Your tier ranking of John Ross is wrong. My opinion is negative but ignoring that, I can just use your words against ya. I think you need to rethink his ranking

His rankings are from a year ago. I doubt he would rank Ross that high anymore.

Hoping to see EBF's 2018 Rookie Ranking soon. Always a great read.
I enjoyed it. Helped me some then. Unfortunately, my rookie draft is starting now so I won't get to use them this year. 


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