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Fisher, Johnson, and Joeckel at RT? (1 Viewer)


Seems like all of these highly rated/drafted LTs will start their careers at RT. I find it a little odd that these players would all be drafted in the top 4 if their teams do not intend to play them at LT initially.

Particularly since there are a lot of other holes on the Cheifs, Jags, and Eagles.

Would anyone be concerned that they can transition back to LT after spending a few years on the right?

Been reading that with the development of defenses and sending blitzers from all over the place instead of just putting their best guys over LT this is the offenses way of counter acting, not pigeon holeing their best linemen at LT. Curious how this will effect salaries over the next few years though.

Fisher looks absolutely hideous tonight. No knee bend in pass protection, equally bad in run game. I think he tried to cut block a DB when he could have just ran him over had he kept his feet on a Knile Davis run. Not sure how these holes weren't seen in college

Eagles homer, but we have Peters, who could possibly be a hall of famer at LT, so there is no rush for me personally with Johnson. I was just fine with the pick as he was the most athletic of the 3, we really needed another tackle, and his game I think meshes perfectly with what Chip Kelly wants to do.

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