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Flynn vs Washington (1 Viewer)


***********PRYOR CLEARED FOR PRACTICE TODAY**************** http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/nfl/271010/terrelle-pryor-cleared-to-resume-practicing

(Original Post) Before you jump on me for this needing to be in the AC thread, consider that Flynn isn't just playing any def. Washington has given up 7 passing TDs and 915 yards through the air so far this season. And that's facing Vick in week one who ate them up on the ground as well. It was brought to my attention because I'm in the situation, but I'm not asking if I should start him over any other particular player.

So, with Rogers and Cam on Bye this week & for those of us who had Pryor just for this juicy match up. . . .is it foolish or sharkish to think that there's a solid chance that Flynn posts some gaudy number trying to keep pace with RGIII. Flynn didn't look great in the pre-season, but Washington's secondary is bleeding yardage. I really cant see Pryor playing this Sunday and I'm guessing at best will be a game time decision.

With all that said, Washington has only faced solid QB's so far. Vick, Rodgers & Stafford. So is it more that they are horrible, or just been bullied by a few of the better QB's in the league?

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I debated this and believe he could have a chance against WAS. The only thing that concerns me is the line is awful and he is not mobile. I could see him putting up an awful stat line. As far as desperation adds I might be more likely to play someone like Tannehill...

my QBs are Eli and Pryor (lousy I know), and I just picked up Flynn as my late game insurance. While I don't think his numbers will be what a healthy Pryor's numbers would be, I do believe that the 32nd ranked Redskins D will make Flynn look a lot better than he really is.

The Skins played against legitimate QBs week 1-3. Flynn is not. Nor does he have the offensive skill players like Desean Jackson, Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson and Megatron on his team. McFadden might be the better QB at this point

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skins secondary is bad but IMO there is likely a more appealing combo of upside/safety on waivers

edit: assuming flynn gets the start. Pryor is an appealing start this week IMO

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Than Pryor or Flynn? As of this AM, Flynn is out and Pryor is practicing again.
Tap the brakes a bit. He was off to the side, working with no helmet on his own. Good sign nonetheless, but I wouldn't read that as being good to go for this weekend, just yet.

Dude says he doesn't remember a good part of the last game. Raiders should exercise extreme caution. The first week back from a concussion, the risk is much higher.

Any update on Pryor. Is he starting?
I can't really tell from this article. It says he's starting, then says things are still unsure.

Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor will start Sunday against the Washington Redskins, six days after sustaining a concussion, league sources told the Chronicle Saturday.Backup Matt Flynn took most of the reps in practice all week but Pryor passed the NFL and team’s concussion tests Friday and Saturday.

Pryor took limited reps in practice Thursday and Friday and was officially cleared for contact on Friday morning.

Oakland coach Dennis Allen said Friday if Pryor passed another precautionary test Saturday, Pryor would play Sunday against the Redskins. Allen would not say if Pryor would start or come off the bench.

There was no media access to the team’s walk-through practice Saturday and Allen and Pryor were unavailable for comment.

Allen said Friday that Pryor had made “significant progress” from Wednesday to Friday.

“We want to do the right thing for this kid,” Allen said, referring to the extra test.

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