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Fractional Leadership - Are you familiar with it? (1 Viewer)

Senor Schmutzig

I have been actively looking for work in my industry for the past couple of months, but nothing has really popped up yet that made sense, so I'm starting to look at some other opportunities in order to improve my cash flow in the short/medium term.

One of my peers in the industry just took a 20-hour/week gig as a Chief Business Officer at a smaller company on a contract basis. He's looking for another one to fill out his week. Fractional Leadership is a thing and it is gaining traction with small to mid-size companies that are looking to fill leadership roles with experienced executives but may not have the resources to hire them full-time. They get the benefit of experience but only have to pay 60-70% of what it would cost if they brought someone on full-time. From an employment perspective, it allows you to diversify your own risk a little bit and limit your own exposure of being locked into a role for an extended period of time, especially if you realize it's not a good fit or the company doesn't perform as expected.

Have any of you filled a role using this type of model? Have you taken on a fractional role yourself?

How did you find someone to fill the role you sought for either of those scenarios? Traditional executive search firms?
There are a lot of groups that do this type of work, from high end consulting firms to small partnerships. Basically renting a CEO, COO, Controller, CIO... etc. A relative of mine did this for Tatum Partners as a CIO. http://www.innovationalservices.com/Tatum_Partners.html They didn't really enjoy it because they were always an outsider and many of the companies using these services don;'t have the resources to do the recommended work. But it paid well temporarily and let them move on when they found something better.

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