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Frank Gore 2006, Willie Green of 2004 (1 Viewer)


Every year like clockwork a 2nd or 3rd year running back gets hyped like crazy based on a big 2nd half in a season who then falls face first when given the responsibility as the RB1 on their respective team

These types usually were usually drafted pretty early from a good college program, took about a year or two to get acclimated and beat out the starter and then followed up year 1 with a ton of hype only to fall flat on their face the next year.

I'm already seeing Frank Gore as the next sleeper RB (just read a front page article on Sportsline about it)...

Something tells me this guy could be the next guy with the William Green hype

The 2nd Year busts include

Anthony Thomas 278/1183 and 7TD's in 2001-- 214/721/6 in 2002

William Green 243/187 and 6TD's in 2002-- 142/559/1 in 2003

The 3rd Year bust guys include

Michael Bennett 255/1296 and 5 in 2002 --> 90/447/1 in 2003 (injured)

After year 2.. the Jones' (Julius and Kevin) could very well be the 2004->2005 versions of this, but like Willie Green and A-Train we must give them a couple more years to bust before they are full-fledged NFL busts.

Hey Gore could surprise me (and I’m rooting for the kid) but buyer beware.. An RB with limited success as a part time player could very well turn into the next William Green or Michael Bennett.. and believe me.. you don't want that guy.

Gore still plays on a bad team, with an inexperienced QB.. He is surrounded by bad offensive players, they lack a game breaker and his predecessor had absolutely no success as a starter after being pretty solid as a backup.

My advice.. don't buy this guy too high in your drafts or trades...

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AHHHHHH Brought back my stupidest fantasy memories!!!!

Stpidest trade I ever made was when I traded for Green when he was a starter a few weeks as it turned out for Brownies! Just to give you an idea how stupid it was I gave up Gonzales, (whom went on to have his best year and Pittman whom went on to have his best year but was suspended at the time and I was desperate for a back that plays!)

I think it was last time I ever had a first pick of draft and picked A-Train his second year. (keep 1 each position league)!

Kept Bennet after his only good year in another minimal keeper league.

All 3 probably my worst moves in fantasy history! lol

I think Barlow needs to be added to the list of overhyped 2nd or 3rd year RB's, who then proceeded to lay an egg.

Yes, but fantasy success is really about catching lightning in a bottle. You have to keep on trying to do it, even if you fail sometimes. You need to keep going after the guys who could become the next LT2 or Portis or whoever, because you win leagues by having explosive RBs. The fact that sometimes the guys you target don't pan out shouldn't discourage you from continuing to trying to find the next dominant RB.


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