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Free Agents

Here's a list of free agenst by position. Who do you like as some value pickups and who do you think best fits your teams system on offense or defense?

My Value Guys are in no particular order:

1. Koren Robinson- worth it for special teams alone

2. Kelley Washington- Big and fast, could finally bust out if he gets more reps

3. Torrie Cox- I was impressed watching him in college at Pitt, playmaker

4. Kevin Curtis/Shaun McDonald- whichever the Rams don't keep could get more PT and put up some numbers

5. Joseph Jefferson/Sam Brandon- both tall, rangy safeties who could flourish if they stay healthy

the Redskins need a #2 WR in the worst way. With Patton as the #3 and Thrash as the #4, they would be solid. Reggie Wayne would of course be my first choice, but that's pretty unlikley. The top guy on my list after that is Antonio Bryant. I would also be happy with Antwaan Randle El or Joe Jurevicius. Marc Boerigter is an UFA and might be inclined to follow Saunders to DC :shrug:


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