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From a paper clip to a house... FF style (1 Viewer)


Got any fun stories where you started with, say a kicker in the last round, and ended up with a first round draft pick, through a series of very smart trades?  Of course, in dynasty this can happen quite often, but I was thinking more on the lines of a redraft league, where you start the season with someone like Greg Zuerlein, and end up with Melvin Gordon.

In 2007, I went from a house to a paper clip, with only 2 trades.  I had drafted Randy Moss, and traded him for Larry Johnson.  Of course, Larry was coming off his 416 carry season with 19 TD's, but I wasn't concerned.  He only had 2 workhorse seasons under his belt, and he was a monster.  By week 8 he was toast, so I ended up with his backup, Kolby Smith.  Kolby managed only 407 rushing yards and 2 TD's in the final 8 games.  Meanwhile, Randy Moss put up 98 catches, 1493 yards, and 23 TD's.  I did not make the playoffs.

I did this with my orphan dynasty team I took over in May. It was 1.2 in 2017 and earned the 1.1 last year. I blew the roster up and flipped a lot of guys and even picks I got in trades to end up getting a total (between 2018 and 2019) of, not including my own picks: 8 first rounders, 3 second rounders, and 2 third rounders.  As well as some pretty solid players.Granted it's still a likely 1.1 team (especially with Guice out) but long term I feel like the team has huge potential to be stacked. 


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