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***Game 272 - Detroit at Green Bay -4.5, o/u 49.0*** (1 Viewer)

If Detroit ended up not getting the 1st down there would been some real 2nd guessing on that but I did say they should decline it before we knew they did. Again I don't think I ever seen that before a team declining that kind of penalty.

That holding really sucks though.
Turnovers and settling for FGs early killed the Packers. Inconsistency hurt them all year and Barry seemed to fall back in his crap umbrella coverage for a lot of this game.
Pack took the offsides deliberately. Better to give them the first down and save a TO.

I disagree. If you get stopped, you lose a play there. They're lucky. You take almost any gift like that you get. It worked for them. And I get why they did it. I just don't think that's the correct play.
Have to think they will run it this play right ? Question is if they are short do they just go for it on 4th instead of a FG ?

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