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Game Thread -Divisionals-Pittsburgh V Indianapolis (1 Viewer)

Be excellent to each other.
Don't believe that's going to happen.
Let me start this off by saying the more physical team wins today! So, Joey Porter, if we beat your team down, which I expect, you better keep your trap shut for years to come! Not that that is even possible.I expect this game to be one of big plays. I do expect a different game. I think the Colts come out with a short passing game, then will transition into a balance of Edge and play action that gets the m a few deep plays.

On the Steelers side, I see them trying to make a big play early. The key for their whole scheme is to get a lead and run downhill.

If they can catch Sanders sneaking up to the line in a play-action or flea flicker, then they might get something big.

Either way, I'll be there with my signs, my game face on and as loud as I can possibly be.


Colts 31

Stillers 17

I'll be back to check in after the game. We're headed down to tailgate right now.

Go Colts! Look at the avatar, it is a pre-view of today's game. Freeney sacking Worthlessburger....I'm lovin it!

As a Broncos fan, I'm not going to lie here...

Go Steelers!!
I am thinking the same thing, but we have to be careful of what we are wishing for. If the Steelers win today and then win in Denver next week, we will be kicking ourselves. Still, just so Pittsburgh fans know we are not disrespecting the Steelers, Broncos fans would rather play Pitt at home than at Indy.
:eek: wow. As much as I can't stand either team, that first drive by the Steelers was VERY impressive. Indy might just be in for a long day...
Outstanding play-calling on that drive. They are passing to set up the run. Very smart. And everyone please welcome back the 2003 Colts defense.

Got a feeling that the team that makes the best in game adjustments will come out on top...........

The NFL game is a game of adjustments, so it will be interesting to see how the Colts adjust. The Steelers will have to stick with the 3 step drop because aside from one pass set, the Steelers are getting beat off the ball. But it's not like the Steelers receivers have been open . . . they have been WIDE open.

:towelwave: Indianapolis, meet the REAL Ben Roethlisberger.And Mr. Freeney, that's not Trai Essex you're facing this time.Amazing what silent counts and hand signals can do.

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