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Game Thread W9 - Oakland V Kansas City (1 Viewer)

Dang LJ... not making a strong "statement game" here at all. Tony DICKson vultured the TD.
That enough of a statement for ya?Too bad the guy who only gets stats for one half didn't choose the second half... :lmao:

LJ TD. I hate to complain, but, LJ needs to talk to Tiki about how to properly hold the football. Its no wonder this guy fumbles. He holds the ball out on his wrist and takes too long to switch to the "other" arm when carrying it.TUCK it in man.

Kevin Harlan is hilarious  :lmao:
Should have heard him when he was the announcer for the TimberpuppiesBasket scored by Gugliotta: "Great googly oogly oogly otta"

Chuck Person hits a 3 pointer: "And the rifleman is heating up"

A dunk by anybody: "With no regard for human life he goes high up for the jam!"

Sam Mitchell: "And Sam Mitchell, Sam I Am with the basket"

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Now we need a long run by LJ or long pass completion to Eddie kennison...kick the FG to tie, than go to overtime.Than we want to see Jordan and Moss rack up some more yds and a missed FG...than LJ and EK do the same, missed FG...wash rinse, repeat till time expires.

this is going to bite them in the ###, if they go for itSticks foot in mouth :bag:

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wow. 5 seconds left. LJ takes it down to the 1 yard line.Whats the call?Play fake to Tony G?


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