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Garrett Graham (1 Viewer)


How on earth is he not grabbing more attention in the rankings?

Owen Daniels isn't even practicing yet, right?

Graham has 47 targets in the past 4 games!

And 2 scores.

What am I missing here?

Well he did play Jacksonville last week who sucks against TEs and sucks in general.

What do you guys think about this week's matchup against Indy?

Think I'm choosing Pitta @ DET on MNF over G. Graham. So close though, he was wide open last week over the middle what seemed like every play, targeted often (14 times). Indi-Hou could put up some points back and forth too. He's a pretty good play, but you're right seems to be getting forced down the rankings just on principal. Pretty safe this week for a 10-15 point play it would seem.

I think he's an average talent TE that is getting a lot of targets. That's a good thing. TD's are always hit or miss for TE's and one every other game is OK in my book.

Pitta is a more talented TE that proved it in his first game back. Flacco needed a dump off and short route target and Pitta was it. Now this week against Detroit is tougher for Pitta.

So the question is do you go with a less talented high target TE versus a more talented TE who might get the targets again this week against a tougher opponent? Anyone got a coin to toss because it's that close. For my money I like Pitta slightly over Graham this week, and I picked him up off the waiver an will play him. Graham was available and I left him on the wire.

I have Vernon Davis, who has 20 targets over the last 4 games, and only 3 last game when they have been throwing plenty.

He has 4 tds, which is awesome. I just have trouble starting Davis over a guy averaging 12 targets per game.

With so few targets recently, it just feels too much like luck that he's gotten 4 TDs. On the other hand, it's easy to believe Graham has a great chance for a TD with 12 per game.

Indy is a bad matchup on the stat page but they have also only faced a handful of decent TEs. Walker tore them up on Thursday night a few weeks back and Gresham scored a TD last week.

We he be fantasy relevant this week? He is coming back from a back issue and he gets 1.5 points/reception.

Thoughts? Opinions?


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