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Give me US football trip location ideas (1 Viewer)

Blacksburg, VA. Incredible stadium for night games. Wonderful college town. Great hang on Center St before games. Cheap restaurants and breweries everywhere for post game.

Easy trip to Winston Salem for WF games or Morgantown for WVU games (crazy people there). Also 1.5 hrs to UVA but I find their games boring. The kids mostly do Darties and skip the game.

Easy trip to see Carolina Panthers too.

Pro football is boring IMO. Gotta stick to college towns.
Worth the splurge if you can figure out transportation:

Ohio State at Wisconsin Oct. 28
Vikings at Packers Oct. 29

Might be the best season in a long time to get reasonably priced Packer tickets.

Gotta check Lambeau off the list if you're going to be an NFL destination traveler.
Greyhound had discontinued service to Green Bay, but a local bus company offers 1 or 2 daily trips for Madison to Green Bay. No train service and plane service would require a stopover in Chicago O'Hare or Minneapolis.
Another problem for Lambeau if you don't drive - many people don't like the hassle of driving to Lambeau on game day so they would rather take a taxi or Uber there. Those companies know that and charge outrageous rates to do that. Checked Uber for a 3-mile ride and they were asking $60.
how do you feel about strip club steaks with an endless salad bar for $9.99, if you like that kind of stuff then go see the General...

fyi, the salad bar does have a sneeze guard :banned:
IMO, the best ideas so far that don't require inter-city travel and are at different stadia ...
  • Seahawks/University of Washington (Seattle)
  • Commanders/University of Maryland (Washington, DC)
  • Rams or Chargers/UCLA or USC (Los Angeles)
  • Saints/Tulane (New Orleans)
If you want to watch ****ty football - Falcons and Georgia Tech in Atlanta.
May be ****ty football, but definitely a city worth a visit if you haven't been before...College Football Hall of Fame here is a bonus attraction.
What do you recommend visiting in ATL?
In addition to the aforementioned College Football Hall of Fame, the Aquarium is a must...fantastic. History buffs can check out the Center for Civil and Human Rights or the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. Stone Mountain has a massive Confederate Memorial Carving (or is it too controversial these days to go see a confederate monument?)...even without the monument, it can be a cool experience...you can take a short hike up the rock or ride a gondola up for the views. Get some outdoor hiking, biking, and tubing/kayaking action with the Chattahoocee River. A lot of people go to World of Coke. Personally I find it meh, but others may be interested.

For the record, I do not live in Atlanta. I do have a sister living there and have visited a couple times over the years. I am sure locals could provide greater insight.
I grew up there, and spent a couple decades in GA. Thought it was a great place to live, but less enticing to visit. I always found Atlanta kinda sterile, without the personality of similarly large cities. Aside from traffic, I think it’s gotten better since I left - the restaurant scene in particular.

But you’re right, the aquarium is great, and there are some decent outdoor activities. I didn’t realize the college football HOF was there, which surely would appeal to the OP.
I'd do a Miami/Miami and Denver/CU with Primetime coaching if it was me. Depending on when you go, you could ski one day in Colorado and hit the beach in Miami the same week.
This is not for this year I know, but this is my kind of trip, and it's fun to map these out.

This year, someone could attend USC/UCLA on Sat, Nov 18, and attend Rams/Seahawks the next day.

That's pretty sweet man
Speaking of public transit, there is some available between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Just sayin'.

I was going to say ... getting a bus ride from BR to NO is trivial. Greyhound is the major carrier, but there are some other ones.
Since you won’t be driving, I’d go Philly (yes, you’ve been there before) — Amtrak — Baltimore — Amtrak — DC. Bonus points if there are shuttles from Philly to Happy Valley for Penn St..

ETA : watch NFL/CFN schedules to see whether you hit a trifecta (or 4?) within a 1.5 week span
Philly to State college isn't easy, but there really is very few things like a game at Beaver Stadium. I do think a bus to Pittsburgh or Philly is maybe possible. Certainly could be sorted if it was a Monday night game
Cincinnati is an easy one and you don’t have to leave the metro for the college game. If you go in September you might be able to snag a baseball game as well.

I know you aren’t going this year, but the weekend of September 22nd is a good example of what’s possible. OU at Cincinnati for college, the Reds are in town, FC Cincinnati has a home game, and the Bengals have Monday night football at home on the 25th
Great idea for a trip, BTW!

Working within your parameters rather than trying to talk you out of certain aspects, this is what I've got;

1. Sea/UW
2. Atl/Georgia Tech
3. LA (Rams or Chargers)/USC or UCLA
4. Cin/U of Cincinatti
5. Hou/ U of Houston

Unfortunately, U of Miami and the Dolphins share a stadium, as do the Bucs and USF. Regardless, a Seattle/Atlanta double shot would be my #1 option. Love both cities and they are very different from one another.
I admit that i was just messing around about Cincinnati.

of US cities to visit, it would not be high on my list...but i really do not want to bash it.
Better than Houston, especially if you take the quality of the NFL team into account. Unless you like steak and BBQ so much, you plan trips around them.
I admit that i was just messing around about Cincinnati.

of US cities to visit, it would not be high on my list...but i really do not want to bash it.
Better than Houston, especially if you take the quality of the NFL team into account. Unless you like steak and BBQ so much, you plan trips around them.
i'll acknowledge that this is going to be subjective for everyone and i do not know his priorities for the trip.

personally, i would want an interesting city that had both available....hence my list upthread.
Minneapolis is another one where it’s all downtown, and baseball or NBA could be an option as well depending on time of year
Steelers and Pitt both play at Acrosure (nee Heiz field) so you can't beat it for convenience. If you want to go crazy and do the trifecta, you may find a weekend where the Penguins or Pirates are also in town. That'd be crazy.

If you want to skip Pitt and do Penn State, I'll drive you there if you get me a ticket with you. Previous posters are correct. It is an amazing experience. Might be tough to do a white out and a 1pm Steelers game, but wow...
I think you mentioned wanting to do back to back weekends in different cities? If you're not driving, are you suggesting flying mid week to the new city?

It is tough to find that 2nd US city with an nfl stadium, within.... walking distance. If you're looking for public transportation, the Philly/Wash/Balt situation would be best. I think looking for that 2nd location on the way back, is going to be tough to time out with the college games.

My Suggestions:
- Florida... I know you mentioned you were good with cold, but why not have a nice warm vacation? Enough NFL and College stadiums around the area.
- If you go in September, I think Washington/Oregon could be great. Huskies and Seahawks game then down for a Beavers or Ducks game.
- Texas would be the other option where you'd find a good concentration of NFL and NCAA teams close by. But not walkable.

It's still not 2024 :)

But yeah, the idea of Falcons/Georgia Tech as one of the options would work for me, but clearly I can't commit to anything until all the fixtures are out

Deamon - I'd fly midweek, yes, unless I end up with a perfect combination that is doable otherwise, but knowing the distances and general limitations of public ground transportation, I think it's flying 95%+ of the time
Baltimore, DC, and Philly are commutable. There's a good chance that with Monday and Thursday night football you could work in a third game.
Might be able to squeeze in a hockey game along the east cost somewhere. Just not the Devils. Have some standards.
Ann Arbor for a Michigan game and then Detroit for a Lions game seems to fit well. Great food and beer scene in Michigan. A train that connects the two cities (probably an hour ride). Obviously all major sports exist in the city. Ann Arbor is what people imagine when they think of the perfect college town and I know Detroit scares people but it's absolutely not what you think it is. In the 80s and 90s, yeah it was awful. It's an awesome place now.

This good or you can do a Lions game and then a Red Wings or Pistons game pretty 5 minutes away.
I got it....

Fly into Seattle on a Thurs. Spend a day in the city - you can catch public transport from Sea-Tac to downtown Seattle.

Take the Amtrak train down to Portland, Or on Friday and explore the Rose City. Happy to show you around. Few of us FBGs here.

Saturday morning, take the bus down to Eugene for an afternoon game. I have season tickets - 5th row, corner endzone. Autzen stadium is magical. Depending on who they play, I'll gift them to you.

After the game, take a train or bus from Eugene back to Seattle for an NFL game Sunday afternoon.

Ideally you do this in late Sept or Oct. Oct is gorgeous up here, especially when the leaves begin to change. Plus, students are back to school in late Sept and you'll want the student section rocking for a Ducks game.

If you need to stash bags in Eugene for the game, I've got 2 sons down there with their own places by the school so we can help you there.

See you soon? ;)

And you’d have an Autzen tailgate to attend!

All that said, for ease of transport the Seattle and ATL options probably make the most sense.
Atlanta is a good host city for major events, but regular season football? Nah, especially with Arthur Smith in charge on Sunday.

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