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Greg's Useless Trivia #11 (1 Viewer)


A collection of mostly useless but sometimes interesting things I've come across. There are bugs with opening a lot of spoiler boxes at once. Easiest to avoid if you close each box again once you read the answer. If that doesn't work, just reload the thread and they should work again.

Links to previous useless trivia:


1) In the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises", villain Bane sets off explosions as Gotham's football team is playing. A Gotham player returns a kickoff for a touchdown steps ahead of the explosions which cave in the field right behind him. Who was the kick returner?

Hines Ward. A number of Steelers were shown in the film on the sidelines, including Ben Roethlisberger and former coach Bill Cowher.
2) John Rambo killed 58 people in Rambo: First Blood Part II, 78 in Rambo III and 83 in Rambo IV. How many did he kill in the original movie, First Blood?

Just 1.
3) According to a website that tracks on screen deaths during movies, what movie has the highest body count recorded?

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King had 836 on screen deaths. Also, Legolas won the killing contest with Gimli, with 57 on-screen kills to 25 for the dwarf. Orlando Bloom has been in 4 of the 8 bloodiest movies on record.
4) What unique geographic distinction can The Republic of Kiribati claim?

Straddling both the Equator and the International Dateline, the island nation is the only country that falls in all four hemispheres. Kiribati includes the island of Tarawa that US forces invaded during WWII.
5) Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Who was the second?

Bugs Bunny
6) Redheads are twice as likely as people with other hair colors to avoid going to what type of business?

The dentist. The gene whose mutation results in red hair also plays a role with pain receptors in the brain. Studies show that redheads are more sensitive to pain, require 20% more anesthesia on average, and are more resistant to local pain blockers like Novocaine.
7) In Japan there is a 400 year old festival where a particular group of people scare babies to make them cry in order to ward off evil spirits and bring the babies good health. Some parents pay over $100 to have this done with their child. Which people are entrusted with performing this task?

Sumo wrestlers.
8) At 120 decibels, equivalent to a jack hammer on concrete, what is the loudest insect in the world?

The male cicada.
9) What color is spider blood?

Blue. Spiders use a protein called haemocyanin to transport oxygen, rather than hemoglobin which gives our blood its red appearance.
10) What misspelling might a modern observer note on both the Liberty Bell and in the US Constitution?

The word Pennsylvania is spelled "Pensylvania". It was an accepted spelling at the time, though the Constitution has it spelled both ways in different places.
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I thought more people would have died during the Ten Commandments between the Plagues and the parting of the Red Sea.



I thought the punt returner was played by Ernest Thomas. I also only got MickeyMouse, insect ones



Joe Summer said:
Hey Greg, how can a sphere have 4 hemispheres? ;)
Each time you cut it in half in a different orientation you get another pair of hemispheres. In this case, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. ;)

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3/10. Cicada, Rambo, and of course Hines.
I was watching Dark Knight Rises last night and I missed Ben when they showed him, but did a double take when they showed Ward in the next shot and rewound it to double check, started spotting the rest. They also show Ward's name on the back of his jersey after the touchdown.

Full list of the football cameos: Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu, Willie Colon, Maurkice Pouncey, Mike Wallace, Heath Miller, Aaron Smith, Ryan Clark, James Farrior, LaMarr Woodley, and Casey Hampton, and former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher as the head coach of the Rogues. Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl, a kicker in college, appears as the kicker for the Rogues' opponents, the Rapid City Monuments.

I didn't realize Polamalu was in it until after I was done watching and googled it, I didn't spot him. Might not have gotten one of the sideline closeups, not sure.


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