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Gronk out Sunday! (1 Viewer)


According to espn Amendola is out as well

ESPN NFL - Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski (arm), WR Danny Amendola (groin) out Sunday night at Falcons - source

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As a Gronk owner I'm happy and surprised that it was announced today and not tomorrow night.

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Who cares if a separate thread was mad. I'd rather see it here faster and easier.

This board is trash so many tools just nit-pick any thread or post anyone makes.

Seems like a wasted pick to start the year. will this guy ever start. LOl
The one league I drafted him, I was expecting 4 weeks to be out, so this is still ok. If week 6 rolls around, and he's still OUT, then I'm disappointed. Right now, it's what was expected.

Glad I started Cook on Thur. I don't know what the hell I'd do otherwise. Drop Cook for a nobody or forfeit the TE position.

I'm liking the strategy of not starting Gronk until he has already played.

Week 5 NE plays at 1:00 though...easy week to make the start/bench decision for FF


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