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Hi everyone! 
Now I am working with fantasy sport(creating software).
I need to understand the principles of Fantasy Sport. Maybe someone would help me ;)

1) In fantasy sport, the users could add players to their Teams in the Draft room. Ok, I understand how it works, but I am don't understand why the user can't add the best players in their team and get the best prize at the end of the Season? 
2) When we talk about Season-long fantasy sport, what is the Season? How many weeks in Season? 
3) Is we are talking about Sleeper.com. In the draft room, we have the Queue Section. Why do we need a queue? Because it's making our lives easier, I could choose players with the highest score and the best user in a league.

Pls, guys, help me to understand 

Maybe you have resources to read some information, or we could exchange contacts to communicate in WhatsApp/Facebook. 


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