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Holmgren resigns from rules committee (1 Viewer)


Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren is stepping down from the NFL's competition committee, effective immediately. Holmgren informed fellow committee members of his decision today as the group finished its meetings at the scouting combine.The move comes less than three weeks after controversial officiating played a role in the Super Bowl XL matchup between Pittsburgh and Seattle. Holmgren did not cite that experience in his decision to leave the committee, which recommends rules changes to league owners. We are free to draw our own conclusions, however, and I think it's fair to say the experience did not make him more eager to serve.Holmgren has served two tenures on the committee, the first starting in 1994. He stepped down after taking over as coach/GM in Seattle, only to have the league ask him to return, which he did.Holmgren and current Texans GM Charley Casserly were most instrumental among committee members in bringing back instant replay. That will probably be Holmgren's most enduring legacy on the committee.Look for a more detailed story in the Saturday paper.
I don't blame him.
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