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How do I import from MFL IMPORT to DRAFT DOMINATOR (1 Viewer)


want DD to import my league settings

been doin it for years but have completely drawn a blank on how to do it and draft is tonite

thanks in advance


i have MFL import and have uploaded the .ddf file on my computer

just waiting on what is probably a simple step to do that i have forgotten

You run MFL Import, giving it the year and the 5 digit number of your league.

It then prompts you to save the output as a .ddf file. You tell it where to put it and give it a name.

You then run Draft Dominator, and open the file you just created with MFL Import.

thx Greg

i thought i was doing it right and by your post I was

for some reason it just wasn't recognizing the keepers on the rosters and still had all those guys available to draft


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