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How does Kevin Smith (and Rudi to an exent) do vs GB? (1 Viewer)


I know Detroit is SUPPOSED to be a more traditional offense, but they will likely be playing from behind so much, they will still be chukcing the ball a lot more than running it.

Versus Green Bay, who has a better pass defense than run defense, how does this factor for Detroit's running game? More rushing yards? More dump off passes? or will it just be more 3 and outs?

Temper enthusiasm for KSmith. He will get a few checkdowns but GB is likely going to shut down his running game overall. I would hope for a TD after the passing game gets them down inside the 5 and then KSmith runs it in. Probably finishes the day with about 60 total yards and 1 TD. Not great numbers but servicable.

I give him about that, and 4 checkdown passes for 24 yds, which makes about 18 points in a PPR.. serviceable for sure!


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