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How long before Childress goes for Frerotte? (1 Viewer)


TJax has looked horrible and absolutely killed Berrian and Rice.


14/24 130 yards 0int/0 tds


16/35 178 yds 1/1

Rating through 2 games: 64.8

Sep 21 Carolina 1:00pm

Sep 28 @Tennessee 1:00pm

Oct 6 @New Orleans 8:30pm

Oct 12 Detroit 1:00pm

Oct 19 @Chicago 1:00pm

Week 8 BYE

Nov 2 Houston 1:00pm

Nov 9 Green Bay 1:00pm

Nov 16 @Tampa Bay 1:00pm

Nov 23 @Jacksonville 1:00pm

Nov 30 Chicago 8:15pm

Dec 7 @Detroit 1:00pm

Dec 14 @Arizona 4:05pm

Dec 21 Atlanta 1:00pm

Dec 28 N.Y. Giants 1:00pm

They're 0-2 right now, I could very easily see them going 1-6 through the bye and maybe make a QB change then. Hard to believe even someone as dumb as Childress wouldnt make a change soon.

If this team is 1-6 at the bye, don't you think that Childress would be gone and the new HC would make the QB change if it hadn't already been done?

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