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How many devices do you have charging on your nightstand? (1 Viewer)

Captain Cranks

I just realized last night that I'm up to five.

Bluetooth Ear buds
Old phone I use for white noise

Whatcha got?

Captain Cranks

Hmmm. I could probably do without my tablet in the bedroom, but everything else is far more convenient to have on the nightstand.


Just my phone.

Interesting using an old phone for white noise. My air purifier kinda doubles as a white noise machine but I still have an old phone and might try that.
I did a factory reset on my old phone. Downloaded the sirius and iheart radio apps. Leave it at work for a music player after our boom box died.



But on my desk I have a phone, BT headset, BT earbuds, Oura ring, laptop, tablet (rarely) and soon Bose over ear headphones.

skol asylum

Oh I forgot I have an Echo dot in there. Main use being a have a lamp on a smart plug and I can use the echo to tell it to turn off and on.


Zero. But that's only because the charging stand is across the room on my dresser. It has five items: new phone, old phone needed for work until i transfer data, earbuds, watch, iPad

Do have an Amazon Alexa on the nightstand.

Don Quixote

Personal phone, work phone, and earbuds. Sometimes e-reader. Charge smartwatch just before bed, so can keep it on for sleep data. Keep tablet in home office.


I don't have a nightstand. I do have my iPhone plugged in at night and it's usually on my bed. I use it as an alarm and need it close by to wake me up.

iPad shares same charger.

I charge my wireless headphones in the kitchen for some reason.


Zero. Bedroom is free of almost all tech.
Yep. Phone, laptop, and wireless headphones get charged down stairs. Don't need the distraction when it's time to relax. I sleep with my watch on (data tracking), but notifications are off. It also gets charged downstairs, but I can usually get away with doing that just once per week.


I just have my phone.

My wife, bless her heart, has seven: personal cell, work cell, ipad, watch, heating pad, theragun, and crystal lamp. The wires and clutter drive me nuts.

the moops

None. Go to bed with my phone charged, or at least charged enough. My watch is my alarm and tracks my sleep and ****, so can't charge that.


None. Don't have my phone in the bedroom.

Zero. Bedroom is free of almost all tech.
We used to be the same, charged all devices downstairs and no phones in the bedroom. That changed when my SIL tried calling us in the middle of the night because their sump pump failed and their basement was flooding. We didn't hear the call and couldn't help because of it.
Now we both have our phones, watches, and sometimes AirPods on the nightstand with MagSafe chargers. Phones on DND with family as the only ones allowed for notifications. Probably should have done that years ago.

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