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I have less than 12 hours to protect (1 Viewer)


I have to protect one player at every position DL,LB,DBTackle=1Assit=.5Sack=2Int=4FR=4My debate is at DL and DB as I have Vilma at LB (12 Team Keeper League)DL- Abraham or Little (trying to trade for T. Suggs) This would be a no brainer and still probably is but Abraham's holdout really bothers me.DB- S. Taylor or M. Lewis- Once again I have worries because S. Taylor's court issues so leaning towards Lewis.Thoughts?


I would keep Abraham and Lewis.Taylor really didn't jump out at me last year, and he's already proving to be a MAJOR headache. Lewis is a very solid DB.

Abraham will eventually show up. He just wants to sit out the dog days of August....

Obviously both Abraham and Taylor have some baggage and Little had some.I like Little over Abraham, because of the holdout and he sort of let his teammates down last year.Lewis is the safe play, but I like Taylor. He is a classic example of a High risk / High reward player. Sean will be fine for this year, in terms of jail time. He is a playmaker. Has the potential to be one of the top DB's. Tons of talent! With teams only protecting 1 DB you should be able to draft a very good keeper for next year if things don't pan out with Taylor.


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