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I just looked in my DM mailbox and I have messages from 14 years ago (1 Viewer)

The Z Machine

The earliest entry was from Shining Path. ? Miss you, dude.


Mods, please don't mess things up and lose the inbox history. Kthnx

My oldest is from @mr. furley from 2007 giving me some restaurant tips for Green Bay. I took him up on his Kroll's advice and had a great butter burger right across from Lambeau.

My oldest is from 12 yrs ago where @CletiusMaximus was helping me search some law dox, re: a former employer who I would like to sue for punitive damages.  That he gave me. Yes.  That's right.  I still have my shoes and glasses.

Another conversation from 2007 with Finless about him getting off the junk and staying clean.  So much for that.  RIP GB Fin.

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Oldest goes back to August 2004.  Wombat helping me with a computer virus that I had.

Also have one from 2007 with Bob Henry's cell phone number from a Detroit cornhole.


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