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I must say, I agree with Belichick's philosophy (1 Viewer)


Obviously he believes that playing the starters to keep their timing, chemistry, and overall momentum is more important than the risk of getting starters injured. Yes he rested starters in week 17, but I liked the way he managed the Patriots over the last 3 weeks of the season. I know they could have gotten the #3 seed, but even if they couldn't, it has been stated that resting starters is not something he likes to do. Unlike the Colts, who for the 2nd season in a row have pretty much tanked two games. I'm not so sure the Colts are prepared for the playoffs, especially since their offense relies so much on a timing offense. I'm afraid this will bite them in the butt in rd 2. I hope I'm wrong, because as most of you know, I'm a Colts homer.

Yeah, I like Belichick's philosophy as well. Sure we could have beaten the Dolphins yesterday so the record is 11-5, not 10-6 and we play Pittsburgh/Denver, not Jacksonville/Indy (if we are so lucky to advance to Rd. 2...) but he believes you gotta beat the teams that are presented to you, not set up games to get a particular opponent. That's inviting bad karma.Could you imagine if Brady got hurt yesterday in such a meaningless game? The road will be tough for the Patriots, regardless of the results of yesterday's games. Better to have your guns ready.


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