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IDP projections Week One a bit off? (1 Viewer)

Joe Bryant

Staff member
Marquiss Spencer DE projected for 27 points. Second best FA is 11

Jalyn Armour-Davis CB projected for 32 points. Derwin James projected for 14.50

These projections have to be a mistake. Neither one is listed as starters on FBGs depth charts. Not even as back ups. Spencer isnt even listed.

Glad the price of IDP content went up. Projections like these are why I spend the big bucks

Thannks for the headsup. Must be a glitch with projections out a week early,.

Aaron Rudnicki

Keep Walking™
Staff member
Yesterday there was an error where John’s season-long projections were accidentally loaded to Week 1.

It was fixed yesterday as well. Let us know if you still see something off though.


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