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An interesting player to watch this season figures to be LB Donnie Spragan, who has become something of a late-bloomer in his career. Spragan, 28, basically spent his first two years after graduating from Stanford out of football because of injury and then had to work his way up from the practice squad in Denver. By last season, he was a starter. He now joins the Dolphins under a two-year contract with a hope to hit it big one last time. Spragan is exceptionally bright (he has an engineering degree). More important, he is exceptionally focused. He should easily be able to handle the changes required by the new defensive scheme and give the Dolphins a good anchor against the running game.

James Harrison, an undrafted free agent, proved his value last season when he started four games for either Joey Porter or Clark Haggans at outside linebacker. Harrison (5-11, 240) plays low to the ground and is very strong, making him hard to move in run support. But he also has a quick burst off the ball and uses his smallish size and strength to get under an offensive tackle in pass-rush situations. Harrison can also play inside linebacker, but the team plans to keep him on the outside in 2005.

Fourth-round pick safety Sean Considine made plays all over the field. Considine, who will be a backup to Pro Bowl S Brian Dawkins, picked up Jim Johnson's defense in a hurry and looks like a second-day steal. He'll start off on special teams where he also looked right at home.


I recall hearing about Spragan when he started..... I did know it was injury that kept him off the field. But as the backup SLB, how much value can he have in Miami with Zach & Junior on the field and them wanting Channing Crowder out there too? It might be he only gets his chance if Zach and Eddie Moore both go down.....As for Considine, some friends in the Phily area say they love the kid. They think he will be on the field after mid-season to give Jim Johnson some new leverage in his defensive scheme to throw at the QB! thank for the info!

Harrison looked amazing late last year - the steelers are not shy about giving guys starting jobs when they feel they are ready for them - especially when the starter makes more than they think he's worth. Haggans is anything but entrenched, and Porter has had his share of injuries and might be on the downside of his career... keep an eye on harrison.


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