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I'm Starting / Sitting Jonathan Taylor Over ___________. (1 Viewer)


Officially active for Sunday, no idea if he will be limited or let loose. Tough matchup vs the Titans run D. I'm trying to decide between him and Pierce in one league and two of JT, Pierce and Hollywood in another. I'm leaning sitting JT fearing he will be limited first game along with a tough matchup.
In the league I have him in I have Bijan/Breece/Kyren/Achane so I’m gonna sit him this week and see how he looks.
WOW new contract 3 years, $42 mill, $26 mill guaranteed, this may change things from the jump.
Sitting him for Monty and Kyren in the 1 league I have him.

Took both Taylor/Kupp in that league (and had Ekeler in round 1) so despite likely 2-3 start (faced DJ Moore) feeling really good about that team.
Sitting him for Swift, Monster and Kamara. I'll see how they use him for a week or 2.

Supposed to be Mostert but I'm leaving the autocorrect and will be calling him that going forward.
I got like 8 shares of him. Will play in most as most my leagues usually have an extra flex or two. Maybe sit in one or two
I was happy to pull out Zach Moss in two leagues and Jaydeen Reed in a leagues and put in Taylor. Those were easy calls.

Had a third league I was going to go with Gibbs but he's ?, Javonte was next man up but he's ? and if both of them were no go I was down to Rico Dowdle as my last man standing. So again happy to put in Taylor as an easy call but if Gibbs is ok I'll have to think about it but glad to not have to use Javonte or Rico.

I still am chewing on the following:

Miles Sanders vs JT

2 out of Sanders, Tutu, Tank and JT

JT vs Juedy

I'm not feeling great about the workload or matchup this week, he's a projected must start beginning next week though.
Just know Dianna Russini is reporting the Colts plan to take it slow with JT and ramp his workload up over a few weeks.
Starting him over Mostert.

I have the benefit of having started DJ Moore and Logan Thomas.
Let's not lose sight over the fact that the guy absolutely sucked last year after his stellar 2021 campaign. Temper expectations.
Starting JT over CMC
Starting JT over Kenny Walker-Bye
Starting JT over Alvin Kamara
Starting JT over Devon Achane and Raheem Mostert

That team is starting to round into form now, don't you agree? I just wanted to show off the riches at RB, wish I had it like that on all my teams

CMC-JT and a coin flip with Kamara/Achane in the Flex

So happy he's back and his role clearly defined, hope he shows up on Sunday

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