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Inspector Cleavage- The Return (1 Viewer)


Time for the 2004 edition of Celebrity Inspector Cleavage (if you can have celebrity poker and blackjack, why not this?)!

Changes for this year- I'm adding a factor of 1-3 for each pic based on how difficult I think they are to identify.

1 is always in the public eye,

2 is annual appearances (occasional movie, photo shoot)

3 is more obscure

The first celebrity for 2004's edition is from MOVIES (level 3): Pic #1

The rules (for you newbies)- Can you identify a female celebrity by a snapshot of her cleavage? I've taken a pic of a celebrity and cropped it. Take a look, and see if you can identify her. I will post up to three clues to help you guess- one every few hours or so. The original pic and the name will be revealed tonight if no one guesses it correctly. There will be up to two pics per day. When the celebrity is identified, the original pic will be posted. I will be keeping track of who gets the most correct, but unfortunately you get nothing more than the respect (here? yeah right) of your peers since corporate sponsorship was not available.

Female celebrities used in this game will be either from movies, TV, sports, music, or modeling (major enterprises only- Victoria's Secret, SI, Fredericks of Hollywood, Venus swimwear, etc). No obscure actresses will be used (every celeb should have appeared in some men's magazine, series, or movie within the last 3 years). Celebs are picked randomly. Adult film stars will not be used UNLESS they have appeared in mainstream media as well (Jenna Jameson is possible since she was in Private Parts).

Kitana Baker, one of the Miller Lite girls.Note: She appeared naked briefly at the very end of Dawn of the Dead.

Nobody got it yet...I'll give two hints since I've been away most of the afternoon.Hint #1- She is often featured on fitness magazine covers.Hint #2- Her acting career started by acting in back-to-back movies written and directed by the same man, who she was dating at the time.

Kate CapshawEdited to add that this guess is terrible. Just the first name that came to my head.

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Kate CapshawEdited to add that this guess is terrible. Just the first name that came to my head.
LOLI have a terrible guess, too, but it was the first name that popped in my head:Linda Hamilton :confused:
It looks like a lot people didn't read the part in the rules about the difficulty factor (Britney Spears?). I'll say Brigitte Nielsen based on your first clue.

Rocky IV


...the Sly connection.

althought the wisp of dark hair in your pic has me thinking not....haven't seen a single pic of her with anything other that a butch cut.....hmm.....

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Kathy Ireland? She is on the cover of fitness magazines. She did start out in a couple low budget movies directed by the same guy. I have no idea if they dated or not...

If it helps any, the writer/director also starred in the movies.
Maxine Bahns
The Tom Selleck addict is back!Maxine Bahns (may need to copy and paste this one to make it work)With my limited availability today, that's it until tomorrow morning. Tomorrow's will be easier.
Holy smokes! I may need to watch The Brothers McMullen again. I don't remember those looking like that.
I don't think they looked like that back then.
That was incredible. How did you get that one?
His last hint made me think of Ed Burns. I remember the Brothers MacMullen chick because her acting sucked so bad she only could have gotten the job sleeping with the director.Before he typed that clue I was googling Kobe Tai's "filmography", thinking it was her. :bag:
Can we get a little more obscure. I mean I REGULARLY contribute to the Best Hooters thread and she wasn't even on my Radar....


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