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Inspector Cleavage- The Return (2 Viewers)

This will probably be the last one for this summer's game (since everybody appears to be busy with the upcoming season)- it's a little tough, so I'll give a hint with the pic:

Today's celebrity is known from TELEVISION/MODELING/MUSIC*: Pic #52 (level 3)

* most of her work has been done in the UK.

This one was originally planned for Friday, but given the holiday weekend and the fact that I was busy on Friday, I didn't get around to it...so here it is:

Today's celebrity is known from SPORTS/TELEVISION/MODELING*: Pic #53 (level 3)

*She's also had bit parts in movies.

Hint: When there's multiple categories like this, they go in order of her resume. So she started in sports, appeared in television, became a model, and dabbles in movies on the side.So she's primarily known as a model today.

Time for the 2004 edition of Celebrity Inspector Cleavage (if you can have celebrity poker and blackjack, why not this?)!

Changes for this year- I'm adding a factor of 1-3 for each pic based on how difficult I think they are to identify.

1 is always in the public eye,

2 is annual appearances (occasional movie, photo shoot)

3 is more obscure

The first celebrity for 2004's edition is from MOVIES (level 3): Pic #1

The rules (for you newbies)- Can you identify a female celebrity by a snapshot of her cleavage? I've taken a pic of a celebrity and cropped it. Take a look, and see if you can identify her. I will post up to three clues to help you guess- one every few hours or so. The original pic and the name will be revealed tonight if no one guesses it correctly. There will be up to two pics per day. When the celebrity is identified, the original pic will be posted. I will be keeping track of who gets the most correct, but unfortunately you get nothing more than the respect (here? yeah right) of your peers since corporate sponsorship was not available.

Female celebrities used in this game will be either from movies, TV, sports, music, or modeling (major enterprises only- Victoria's Secret, SI, Fredericks of Hollywood, Venus swimwear, etc). No obscure actresses will be used (every celeb should have appeared in some men's magazine, series, or movie within the last 3 years). Celebs are picked randomly. Adult film stars will not be used UNLESS they have appeared in mainstream media as well (Jenna Jameson is possible since she was in Private Parts).
Who's turn is it now?

Damn you 10 year old broken cleavage links!

However this was a good idea for a thread. Someone pick this up.


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