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iPhone Drafting App (1 Viewer)

Very nice. Anyways, I'm glad you took some of the advice here and implemented it in the new version. I think its a no-brainer for people to pick it up at just 99 cents.

I'm not affiliated with the product in any way but thought it was a pretty cool app to play around with on the iphone (although I still can't imagine using it at an actual draft but thats just me).

Looking forward to the upcoming updates!

I am looking for a drafting app for my draft is going on while I'm on vacation and a laptop may not be possible.

I didn't see it in the description but does this app have up to date ADP and player/injury information?

Latest ADP information gives me a good idea of where I value a guy vs others (helps me decide to wait on a guy or not). Also, when I sit in front of my computer for a real time internet draft, the last thing I check before I draft a player is latest news to make sure my guy didn't just blow out his ACL in morning practice or get arrested for smoking crack.

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Anyone know where the rankings information comes from for the Studs and Duds app and how often it's updated?

I'm between that app and that Fantasy Football Cheatsheets app. Sounds like the speed, scoring customization and easy sorting of the Studs and Duds app would be great, but if the rankings are outdated, that's not much help.


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