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Is anyone else having issues with syncing NFL.com leagues to the myFBG tools? (1 Viewer)


A few weeks ago I started having issues syncing NFL.com to the myFBG tools, such as the 5 second primer. Is this a known global issue or just me? If global, is there a solution or work around?
Today was the first time I’ve had any trouble though…

When I sync now it just opens a page showing all the rosters in my league.

No 5 sec primer, no waiver report…
It's never worked 100% for me in the many years I have used it. This year seems to be an improvement in the way it functions, however there are still some issues. I can perform a full sync and it seems to get 95% of the data. There will still be certain players that FBG shows as being un-rostered, yet they are definitely on someone's team.
Nope, still not working.

Before a day or two ago, I would go:

Home page> Tools> edit/sync league

And it would open a new window with all the options (5 sec primer, waivers, etc)

Now it’s just one page, no options. Only shows the rosters from my league and the scoring system, which is worthless.

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