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Is it ROY time yet? When is he gonna be battle ready? (1 Viewer)


1) Romo back this week

2) Should be up to speed on offense after 3 weeks and the bye

3) Romo probably has been working with him on timing...I would hope anyways given the Cowboys do or die situation.

Question: When would you start him with confidence? I am talking about starting him over the likes of a Mason, Avery, Antonio Bryant, Plaxico, etc. Not a who to start question here, these are simply borderline #3WRs right now...plug in any name you want.

But when will Roy be battle ready for you starting line-up during the next few weeks which are crucial for many to make the playoffs.

I personally am ready to start him as soon as Romo is a definite to play. I think they we go on a tear when he gets back.

He has Was, SF and Sea. I would think the most conservative approach is to see what happens in Was, if he is at all involved and Romo looks good...he is a must start against SEa and SF. Then playoffs are tough stretch with Pit, NYG and Balt.

Look forward to hearing everyones input.

Yeah I've been anxiously awaiting the return of Romo so we can see what Roy will do. It's very tempting to start him this week, but Washington's secondary is playing very well lately. Carlos Rogers looks like a new guy and Chris Horton is wreaking havoc all over the field. I'm befuddled by Leftwich's success vs the Skins last week, but maybe they just weren't ready for him, as they definitely shut Big Ben down. Unfortunately I think we may have to play the wait and see game with Roy given this matchup and lack of work Romo has with him.

I am just as glad that the Washington game is this week as Roy will have a little more time to get acclimatized with the offense and hopefully Romo, just in time for the Seattle and SF games where hoping to start him.

Bumping for afternoon crowd. Thought this would get more buzz. Are people so down on the Boys and Roy. When he was traded people were talking about him replacing TO in the pecking order.

I'm just not sure that he doesn't fall third, maybe 4th for offensive looks. TO, Witten and maybe MB3 are all looking for the rock too and there is only one ball. Remember this offense was pretty solid before Roy came around. I'd be in the wait and see crowd and definitely wouldn't be starting him till Romo was back and playing like Romo can.

I agree with Rounders. You accept that you're going to miss his first good game, and then ride him from there.

I am throwing him in there as my 3rd receiver. I will be starting Andre Johnson and Greg Jennings, obviously. However... I was really debating playing either Roy Williams or Antonio Bryant as my third receiver. Which probably means that Donnie Avery, who I am not considering will blow up. I also have Romo... and I am just excited to watch it Sunday Night... and see what happens. I have an easy match-up anyways.

I do not have him in any leagues but I would think I would put him in unless I had studs in front of him. I mean before Romo went down he was the #1 fantasy qb.

He will play flex for us in NFFC if Portis is shut down for a week, so if we play him don't expect much :hot: lol

Good luck guys and I can not wait to see Romo to Roy E. Williams!


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