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is it time to cut bait on Garcia? (1 Viewer)


i play in a start 2-QB league and ive been holding onto Garcia because QBs are way too valuable to cut loose ... and because i don't think Griese is good enought to unseat Garcia. But now after holding onto Garcia for a couple of weeks, there's no indication that he'll be able to get back onto the field other than an injury to Griese. What gives? Has Garcia really ticked off Gruden so bad that he's now trade bait or at best a bench warmer? Has their relationship really gotten this bad, because i can't see Griese being the starting QB because he's the better option. any insight (or opinion) from the staff would be GREATLY appreciated. i guess i could hold onto Garcia for a couple more weeks, but if there's no chance of Garcia getting back in Gruden's good graces, i might as well cut bait now and pick up someone i can use.

I'd give it a couple of weeks before cutting him if you've got the space. TB says he's not on the block, but there have been plenty of rumors. There are a couple of teams experimenting with new QBs right now, and in a 2QB league, if I had the space, I'd keep him and see how those turn out.

Garcia was 3rd string and claimed he was healthy enough to play. To me, that's pretty telling. Between the whining about his contract and the hope-crushing late interception in week 1, I think he's done in Tampa Bay. I'm in a 2QB league with very tight rosters and I cut bait.

The fact that he was 3rd string is very telling. He's in the doghouse and won't be coming out anytime soon.

True, Griese isn't a better QB. But he's starting and will be for the next few weeks at least.

Play in a 2QB league as well. I'd cut Garcia. I think his time is over in Tampa & he's just a waste of a roster spot

He will never play another snap for the Buccaneers. His only chance for success is to land on another team. Gruden doesn't like him, thus the whole team will suffer. As a Bucs fan I'm looking forward to the day that Gruden is gone.

I would not cut bait on Garcia for 3 reasons:

1. Garcia is not a rigid cutting surface like a dock or the top of a tackle box. This will make it difficult to cut the bait on him.

2. When the knife cuts through the bait Garcia will bleed.

3. The bait will make Garcia smell.


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