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Jeff Garcia - Questionable (1 Viewer)

Just read that Garcia was going to "give it a go". I don't need "give it a go"...I need play 4 quarters or not play 4 quarters!!

Also heard he skipped his normal warmup.....

What to do!!??


What the deuce does give it a go mean?

Garcia/Big Ben/ Dan O/ Kyle Orton???????


"Assuming he's healthy enough to get the call, Garcia should be able to dominate the 31st-ranked pass defense of the Chargers. Sure, the calf injury is reason to pause naming him your starter, but with Tampa Bay making the call in his favor, there's no reason for you not to do so as well'

At least it a little reassuring.

any more info? i need to know if he plays the whole game. i have warner issues
I'm sure the Bucs hope he plays the whole game, but I have no idea how anyone including Garcia himself can tell you he will make it through a whole game.
Yeah guys, I read that on another paid site (Not appropriate to mention here). I'm not sure what "give it a go" means either and I really need Garcia to do well. Not that I have alot of other options...guess I could go with S. Wallace if Garcia is iffy.

Has anyone heard that same story about Garcia not participating in the warmups?

Buccaneers declared QB Brian Griese, WR Dexter Jackson, QB Josh Johnson, LB Matt McCoy, LB Rod Wilson, T James Lee, LB Patrick Chukwurah, and DT Greg Peterson inactive for Week 16.

Jeff Garcia will start while Griese goes from starter to No. 3 quarterback one week later. Pro Bowl linebacker Derrick Brooks is active for the Bucs.


The Bucs are fighting for their playoff lives. Garcia is the best chance they have of winning. He will play if at all possible. Don't overthink this, guys.

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