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Jeff Heath (Dal - S) (1 Viewer)


He's been putting up really solid numbers lately (with the exception of Week 9) when he took over the SS spot from J.J. Wilcox. Wilcox came back last week in a backup role and then went out with a head injury. Anybody think Heath is worth starting fantasy-wise for Week 14?

Just took a quick peak and he's playing pretty well. Can't count on the TDs to keep coming, but he's got an FF, FR and averaging 6.5 tackles a game (almost all solos) in his last 5.

You could do much worse.

Considering how bad the Cowboys have been against the run, I'd say yes. Teams will continue to run on them and the safeties are getting plenty of opportunities to rack up tackles.

I like him. He's going to get the opps. He was also a tipped ball away from an INT on Thanksgiving.

He came back to Earth with just 4 tackles (3 solo). Sean Lee did leave the game with a neck injury, so we'll have to keep an eye on his status for Week 15. If Lee's inactive, Heath's value should rise.


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