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Jerome Simpson - popped for DUI (1 Viewer)

he was pulled over at 5:30 am or something, arrested for suspicion due to refusal of breath test. I'm thinking that he prob partied, slept it off a little and started to make his way home in the morning and got popped. Not that it makes a difference to the NFL but thats beatable in the legal system.

There was that big pot charge on him too... curious if he'll get an NFL suspension this year because of previous violations.

Also, with the previous felony, legally I wonder if he could do jail time... if so, it would probably be a year or more out though I'd think.

Yeah, this guy was busted in 2011 for having 2.5 pounds of marijuana shipped to him from California to his home in Cincinnati.

I don't see how he avoids a suspension.

It is disrespectful and in poor taste to make this thread about Patterson.

Have some common decency, folks! A man was popped for DUI!


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