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Jets @ Bills Wind is 20-25 mph (1 Viewer)


I have geno smith going in a 2 QB league only other QBs available are Oaklands and Green Bays. Do I stick with Geno?

I dropped Folk. I read an old interview with Connor Barth here at FBG and he said anything over 15 mph affects the flight of the ball when kicking.

Rotoworld's news blurbs today say short passing games like those of the Jets shouldn't be too affected by the wind but the long ball, much like FG attempts, will be, which can hurt the Ravens and Bills passing games.


Anybody watching the Jets/Bills game?

Looks like a normal game with no crazy weather

Folk just tried a 30 yarder and that thing just went all sorts of crazy in the air...looked like it went in 3 different directions lol

Forgot Folk was in my line-up and watching that wind on his first field goal attempt was just sickening. LOL


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