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Just found Odell on our FA Wire! Drop Chark for him? (1 Viewer)


Odell seems to have a clear path despite a bum knee...........if anything, this is a wash, right?

Chark had a really nice week 1 but then disappeared last week and seems to be taking a back seat to Marvin Jones.

Odell obviously takes a back seat to the running game.


Pigskin Fanatic

if Odell is 100% healthy, then i'd say edge to him. i've owned chark since his rookie year, he just doesn't look like the same guy, plays with very low energy and low effort last year and this year. he may never play upto the potential he showed his rookie year, at least not on this team.

if Odell is less than 100% healthy, then a wash.

Not sure I'd make the move though, chark feels like higher floor.



I’d take Odell. 

Better offense (at least more TD opportunities) and better player. 

Chark is behind Marvin Jones and I don’t trust Urban Meyer. 

Please my thread. Thanks. 


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