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Kentucky derby snake drafts. What are your preferred draft slots in a (1 Viewer)


Best/Worst draft positions all formats.

To all the mockers out there. Which draft slots have you found favorable? Also which drafts slots have left your team wanting more.

I am participating in my first Ketucky Derby style draft, with the #1 draft dibs slot. What do I do?

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Serpentine draft-- I think the worst draft sports are 3-4-5. At 1 or 2 you can get peterson and, dare I say, Calvin Johnson. 3-4-5 are worthless (unless you REALLY like 1 of the backs more than another), and you can still land a top back at pick 6.

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True. Making slots 6-7-8(?respectable options. Ray rice/lesean/cj spiller are all admirable picks. Followed by solid round 2 options at Rb. Wr pool is deep at the top. And deeper in the 2nd and 3rd tiers.


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