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KING KONG (1 Viewer)


I was a little kid the first time I saw this amazing flick.  I bet I've seen it at least 50 times since then.  I do own it now.

A giant gorilla kicking T-Rex ### (still the best movie dinosaur ever) with this thing for a blond, who ends up in New York atop the Empire Stare Building swatting at airplanes, how cool is that?

A few things however....

The first time we see Kong, he coming crashing thru the trees to get his sacrifice  Ann.  It was real obvious this was an on going thing so there should have been a well worn path already there, those trees mowed over long ago.

We see all those sailors falling off the log way down into a crevice, we see them banging off the rocks, how did they get up and brush off, they should be dead.(this scene with the spiders/critters was cut out, too scarey.  Have seen it however)

When the Pterodacyl  grabs Ann and Kong grabs him, he drops her.....she was dropped on rock from about 10 feet, yet....no biggie.

After they knock Kong out with the gas bomb, how did they get him anywhere?   What did he eat on  that voyage from Skull Island to New York?.  How'd they get him off the ship to that stand and all chained up?  He weighed how many tons?

Then when he breaks loose and is wrecking havoc on the street's how in the hell does he find where Ann is hidden...........smell?


Apparently there was a mamma Kong ****since we did have  The Son Of Kong.

What do we got?


Mighty Joe Young

That one with Jeff Bridges.

The one with Jack Black

And ..Skull Island.

I think I;m missing one. (will ignore anything from Japan)

There is a book but the highlight is the cover art by the great Frank Frazetta.

That scene where Kong is holding Ann in his hand poking at her and smelling his finger,  hmmmmm?

**** Mama Kong....the movie.

How these two never met up before on the island...?


Remember the Chief/King of the natives, well his name was Noble Johnson, check it out..

Johnson also was an entrepreneur. In 1916 he founded his own studio to produce what would be called "race films", movies made for the African-American audience, which was ignored by the "mainstream" film industry. The Lincoln Motion Picture Co., which was in existence until 1921, was an all-black company, the first to produce movies portraying African-Americans as real people instead of as racist caricatures (Johnson was followed into the race film business by Oscar Micheaux and others). Johnson, who served as president of the company and was its primary asset as a star actor, helped support the studio by acting in other companies' productions such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916), and using the money he made in those films to invest in Lincoln Motion Picture Co.

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