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Mark Chmura Says (1 Viewer)


I'm not sure how tight Chewie and Favre are these days but Chmura said today on Milwaukee radio that he believes there's a 95% chance that Favre will retire. I've been saying for several weeks I expect Favre to retire so I would agree with Chewie's assessment.

I knew I should've put in a request to save the Chewie/babysitting jokes and Chewie/Prom Night jokes for another thread. :D

I remember when Chewie was at White's funeral and it was the first time he had seen Favre in years. I don't think Chewie has any inside info at all...just his guess.

It was a hot tub interview apparently. American Chewie is still one of the best nicknames evah!

A female friend of mine approached Chmura in a bar while he played for the Packers to get an autograph for her husband.....She said to him, "Can I ask you for a favor?"He replied......"no, I won't sign your underwear"What a tool!


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