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Maurice Jones-Drew value going forward (1 Viewer)


I want to believe he'll hit a stride and become a solid starting option at some point this season, but it's very hard to overlook the hot pile of crap that is the Jaguars' offense right now. Is a return to form wishful thinking at this point? Are you buying or selling MJD?

Man I was literally just thinking about the same thing myself. I'm setting my lineup trying to decide between MJD or Lamar Miller. I'm going to go with MJD. The Rams can be ran on and the Jags are getting Blackmon back. Theoretically at least, Blackmon should help keep the safeties a bit more honest. Of course the QB has to actually be able to hit him. This team is utterly inept though, surpassed only by the play calling. So who really knows? If he can't produce this week, I'm done with him and will only start him as a bye week fill.

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If he can't get it done vs. STL, he will not be able to get it done versus anyone. STL is allowing the most PPG to RBs (26.3 standard, 31 PPR).


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