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Miami at Pittsburgh (1 Viewer)

sigh........Sherman.....and his play calling...please. Just go away. Just go away please.

2-8 in the snow...guy goes to empty backfield......he is just clueless. He really is.

LeVeon Bell really putting on a clinic, super impressed with this rookie. Very patient and finds the holes, finds yards other guys don't.

And the Steelers are ahead now 7-0 on Sanders.

4:20 left in the 1stQ and Miami has run 3 offensive plays including a dropped pick6 by Polamalu and a stiff as a board sack after the dropped pick6. Way to go Phins!

Long ball to Wallace who was double covered and not even close to open, add in the snow and the telegraph from THill, not good.

I love watching games in snow storms. I hope another plow game happens this week! Dolphin fans - does anyone think Clay will be a regular high point scoring TE?

With all of this great weather porn in the NFL now, it is completely hiding the fact that the Steelers are losing to a QB THAT HAS NEVER PLAYED IN THE SNOW BEFORE :kicksrock:

Ian Eagle who I normally think is OK in the booth but he doesn't seem to understand. He questions Miami allowing time to wind down in the 1st half when all they wanted to do was likely take a knee…which up 10-7 I would be happy with considering the field conditions.

And Miami blocks the punt, never mind.

Ryan Clark flagged for attempting a legal tackle and the WR lowering his head.
I'm not one that supports a lot of these rules but based on what I see called week in and week out, I thought the body slams wearier were fly worthy but not upset they were not called. Helmet to helmet whether it is 6 inches above the ground or 6 feet seems to be called a lot.

Defenseless receiver, not sure of but the helmet to helmet sealed it that it would be called. I thought RBs were not allowed to lower their helmets, yes/no?

Guy caught the ball in traffic, took maybe two steps and Ryan Clark lowered himself to make a waist/ thigh tackle. Terrible call but that's today's NFL.

You would like to think Miami still has a chance but Miami has blown leads all season and Miami has not scored a TD in the 4th Q in 8 games.

Clay with a beautiful catch along the sidelines…40+ yards it looked like. he has a TD already, nice effort today from Clay.

Daniel Thomas is running hard today, some of his best work of the season.

Looked like a TD to Hartline but the refs say no…screaming for a red flag.

It's a TOUCHDOWN!!! Challenge Philbin

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And Miami seizes the lead back at 24-21, insane.

Tannehill looks like utter crap in one second and the next you think this guy just might be pretty good, I can't explain it.

3rd and 3, big down for Miami, Tannehill sacked standing in the pocket. Why does this guy not understand when it is time to tuck and get out of there?


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