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***Monday Night Football Doubleheader - Browns at Steelers*** (+2, 38) 8:15 Kickoff (1 Viewer)

JFC if the Browns only played defense they would have a better shot to win giving up 14 pts on turnovers inexusable
Not catching the punt was the reason that just happened. Terrible terrible stupid mistakes Pitt offense has had 1 play entire night just don't do something stupid and make them beat you but nope you beat yourself you can't catch a punt then you do that.
I'm not gonna lie. As a Steelers fan, I'm not sure how I feel about this team winning this game. They have so many holes all over the field that big changes need to be made. A win like this is just enough of an excuse to keep management satisfied. They look like a God awful team with the exception of 2-3 players. A loss would be a good thing long term.
Good Lord Watson is terrible. The ball's leaving his hand and you can already tell he's going to sail the pass. And his fumbles are softer than a baby's bottom

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