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Only, I'm one of the few NOT looking to replace Rodney Harrison.Gonna drop T. Davis (Car), and I'm looking at these FAs:L. Schulters, MiaC. Hope, PitD. Gibson, OakM. Adams, SFJ. Lynch, DenM. Hawthorne, StLL. Thompson, TenK. Kaesviharn, CinT. Vincent, BufK. Hamlin, SeaM. Doss, IndScoring:Solo T: 1ptInt: 2 ptsSack: 3 ptsNo points for assists, PDs or FFs. Basically, I'm looking for good, consistent, solo tacklers. Which is why I've only listed safeties above. Maybe I should be looking at a CB like Daylon McCutcheon or DeAngelo Hall?Anyway, thoughts on the above? THANKS!MSW

doss...though in dynasty, not sure what his long term standing is in eyes of IND management... they reportedly shopped him in offseason after firing a handgun outside a nightclub. he has also been banged up a lot since his rookie year.pluses are he was a three time all american at ohio state, has some leadership qualities (not sure where the handgun deal fits in this context :) ), he is a hard hitter and tough dude & is the SS on one of the most up 'n coming defenses in the NFL.

Chris Hope is on bye so I hope you weren't looking for someone to start this week. So is Lance Schulters.Hawthorne is not on bye but is Questionable on this week's injury report.Thompson had 7 solos last week. He's healthy...Vincent had 7 solos and 4 assists last week. He too is healthy...Of the names you mentioned, I like Schulters but he's on bye, then Hope but he's on bye too so either Vincent or Thompson is left. Thompson over Vincent.

I picked up Terrance Kiel SD to replace Harrison. He has had 8, 6 and 11 solo takles and a sack and forced fumble in three games. He is the #6 ranked DB in a similar ranked scoring system. My 2 cents.Also, for Dynasty leagues: he is a 3rd year player that played 12 games his first year and all 16 last year and finished #23 DB overall last year in my scoring system.

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