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Need new commish service. (1 Viewer)


Would be interested for Football and Baseball leagues.

What are pros and cons. At least with Baseball leagues, I believe FanStar is licensed by MLB and TQStats (CDM) is not (and thus is fighting a lawsuit out in federal court with MLB).

Not a problem with a football league.

Which of these two commish sites would you use.

CBSsportsline is not an option -- not enough flexibility on schedules. We play multiple teams per series or game.


We used TQStats for our FF league this past year. It is pretty good for what we need, which in particular is a site that will support very unique scoring.

Trading in TQStats SUCKS !! SUCKS !! SUCKS !! Having to balance rosters bullcrap is for the birds. Even when you do it still barks at you.

Been using RTSports for the past 6 years. Swear by it.


As a total league manager, you can't beat it. Actually archives past fantasy seasons. And they make improvements every year.


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