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New Orleans homers (1 Viewer)

Don't really follow New Orleans.

Is Brown really going to be able to hold his own 1on1 against the best pass rushers in the league (especially in his own division)?

Don't really follow New Orleans.

Is Brown really going to be able to hold his own 1on1 against the best pass rushers in the league (especially in his own division)?
The best pass rusher in the division (Peppers) is actually on the other side and he did very well against him last year. He'll do fine. They need help on the right side though.
I expect a great year.As long as peyton does no call the off plays.

Talent is great in no.Brees should lead us away.9-7 wildcard.


The defense may have gotten worse, so we'll have to rely heavily on our offense to win games.

The team is building the offense with a QB that possibly has a bum shoulder, and they didn't go out an get a backup. The team lost two starting offensive lineman, one a Pro-Bowler (Bentley) and the other was terrible (Gandy), and brought in a castoff from the team that signed Bentley as the only replacement.

Then the team decides that they are comfortable protecting Brees and his shoudler's blind side with a 2nd year player who has never played LT.

Finally, the guy running this ship is a coach who has had playcalling taken away from him twice. I am unsure what happened the 2nd time, but when Jim Fassel took it from him with the Giants the offense drastically improved.

The worst part is that Benson is actually paying giving up money for players, but I think his cheap staff will misuse them and convience Tommy not to make that "mistake" again.


Obviously I'm an optimist, but if Brees' shoulder is 100%, he probably immediately becomes one of the top tier QBs in the NFC (Very comparable to a Hasselback type)

The passblocking is a questionmark, but the line doesn't look awful on paper...was actually a good run blocking unit last season. With Horn and Reggie Bush to attack the perimeter, as well as Deuce and an emerging Zach Hilton to take advantage of an open middle of the field, the team's probably one emerging #2 WR away from being a force on offense Stallworth's had numerous chances and probably will never be more than mediocre, but I have hope for Devery Henderson. Either guy is a break away threat, at least.

The D will be better than last year without the Katrina BS to deal with, but lacks a second starting CB and is very thin at linebacker. Need some of the 1st day draft picks from the past few years like Fincher, Bockwoldt, or Watson to step forward. Fincher and Bockwoldt have promise, Watson I don't see as a contributor. Maybe a move to OLB would help him. Fujita should be an upgrade, and a healthy Anthony Simmons would really help them cash in. (I'm not sure such a creature exists, however)

All in all, it's a team that was 8-8 thoughout the Haslett regime, with mostly the same nucleus, plus Brees and Bush. Payton blamed lack of conditioning as to why the team shot itself in the foot with so many pre snap penalties the last few years, and is working the team harder as a result.

He helped bring Kerry Collins, Vinnie Testeverde, Quincy Carter and Drew Bledsoe off the scrap heap, after each was left for dead, and helped them exceed expectations. So after a few years of trying to squeeze juice out of a rock, he should have some offensive talent to work with for a change. The New York demotion is his major black eye, but he seems to have repaired his reputation in Dallas. I like how he's approached this offseason.

As for Brown at LT, I don't know; Haslett's original plan was also to move Brown to LT after a year or 2, but then again I don't really respect Haslett's opinions on who should play where anymore...

The Saints picked up a couple solid RT prospects in the draft. They list Streif as a guard, but the guy is 6-7 and a classic mauler for the RT spot. He reminds me of a stronger Petitti, and he better shed a few pounds. A project at RT, but a nice road grader if he's placed at guard where he currently projects. Jarhi Evans was a much higher draft pick and the guy looks like a real find. I read about him for months and he always sounded interesting. Of course, I focused on those projecting to LT, so Evans wasn't high on the radar, but he's a great prospect for RT-- as a rookie.

Jammal Brown is a stud. Period. He was rightly the first tackle drafted last year, and still looked like a steal by midseason. He's a future franchise LT. If you didn't know, now you do. Don't worry about him. Brees has never had better support from an LT than he'll get from Jammal this year. Tapp was asked who the toughest man he ever faced was-- he answered Jammal Brown and went on and on about him. Tapp has faced Ferguson many times. It was obvious by about week 10 last year that Gandy was expendable and Jammal had to be moved to the left side. He's not good. He's very good. It took Walter Jones about a year and half to really get it, and that's all it will take Jammal.



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