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News on Braylon Edwards and Winslow (1 Viewer)


Summary:: Browns coach Romeo Crennel doesn't know when wide receiver Braylon Edwards will return from a torn knee ligament, but Crennel hopes tight end Kellen Winslow will be cleared to take part at full speed in the team's veteran minicamp June 16-18."They haven't released him (medically) yet, but (Winslow is) further along than Braylon," Crennel said Tuesday. "Hopefully, he'll be ready by the minicamp."Crennel knows that Winslow's return is dependent on his state of mind coming off a broken leg in 2004 and a torn knee ligament, the result of his now-infamous motorcycle accident."I think he wants to be that playmaker he was coming out of Miami," Crennel said. "But it has been two years since he's played. We'll just have to see."Crennel said Edwards won't be cleared to practice and play until close to the beginning of the season.Our View: Color us cautious on Winslow for obvious reasons, but we will definitely watching the health of both of these players as the season draws closer.
As a Steelers fan it pains me to see Romeo setting up Cleveland so well. I like what I saw out of Braylon Edwards before he got injured. They had better not rush him back, because Edwards has the ability to become a big time playmaker.

Charlie Frye is one of my favorite young QB's. Rueben Droughns is my boy. If K2 can ever rebound from that injury Cleveland has all the tools to be a young and dangerous offense. And you know Romeo will get that defense up to snuff.

Cleveland Browns are on their way up. :football:

Basically this reaffirms what was said a couple months ago IIRC.

Braylon = not a great redraft play, but I'm a believer in dynasty.

IOW, buy him as this continues.

to be honest, i can't believe Winslow is ahead of Braylon.

i have serious doubts about KW2 ever contributing, but i guess this is some good news.


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