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Number of Bench Players (IDP vs. non, Re-draft vs. Dynasty) (1 Viewer)


How many bench players do you think is best? I've seen some leagues (usually dynasty) that use more bench players than starters, seemingly as a way to let rookies develop. I've noticed a lot of leagues around here (FFPC I believe) have equal numbers of bench players and starters. And then many other leagues, ESPN standard included, have more starters than bench players.

What starter-to-bench ratio do you consider ideal for allowing owners to draft deep and well, while still maintaining an interesting free agent pool? Do you change this ratio based on whether your league is dynasty or re-draft? Do you change this philosophy for IDP's, since they tend to be "deeper and flatter" as far as scoring variability goes?

My gut says to have an equal number of starters and bench players for my skill positions, but maybe to have fewer bench positions available on average for things like kickers and IDP's, so that maybe if I had a league where I started 7 offense, 1 kicker, and 7 IDP, I would want (7 offense bench + 0 kicker bench + 4 IDP bench) = 11 bench players. I also think I might want to go with something like 10 offense bench + 1 kicker bench + 7 IDP bench = 18 bench players in dynasty. What do you think? I would love to hear your experience with different roster settings.


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