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Obama will leave his party in its worst shape since Great Depression (1 Viewer)

SacramentoBob said:
Obama doubled the stock market while he's been in office, George W dropped it by 40% during his term. So how will the republicans save the economy?
Might not want to cling to this line much longer.
I'm not clinging to anything just curious as to why people think their Party are the economic messiahs
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Forget political parties for a moment. Since Obama took over, are we as a nation more liberal or more conservative?

Gay marriage, Obamacare, diplomatic relations with Cuba and a deal with Iran, higher taxes- I would say that in every measurable way we are more liberal than we were.
Hard to say.

Those things were passed by the democrats, but the democrats have lost the House, Senate, and could lose the White House in 2016. If you enact a democrat agenda and then they are removed from all branches of government by voters, did the nation really move to the left?

There are polls on the issues, but polls are tricky because they often measure what all adults think when what really matters is what voters think. If you just look at polls of all adults, the democrats always win big on almost every issue. But not all adults vote.

Here's a question for you. Imagine I have a poll of all adults, and it says they think the democrats do a better job with the economy by a margin of 52% to 42%. But then on voting day, we do another poll and the actual voters say the republicans do a better with the economy by a margin of 52% to 42%. Which way does the country lean when it comes to the economy?

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tommyboy said:
i mean, when your TOP choices for President are a) 67 yr old White grandma alcoholic felon b) 73 old White grandpa socialist c) 66 yr old White grandma fake Indian

you're pretty much scraping the barrel at that point.
The truly depressing part is when the opposing choices aren't any better.


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